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How to be uniquely emotionally intelligent as an emotional business owner

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Dear pitcher, I’m guessing you’re here because you have one question buzzing through your mind. That is, how can I be emotionally intelligent as an emotion business owner?

In this post, I aim to answer your question.

Some years back, scientists discovered that business owners with extremely high Quotient intelligence (I.Q) but incredibly low Emotional Intelligence (E.Q) are less likely to successfully manage a profitable business.

In other words, their businesses are either unlikely to stay for a long time or will become massively unprofitable in the long run.

This leads an emotional business owner to these two questions. What is the difference between being emotional and emotionally intelligent? How can I be emotionally intelligent as an emotional person?

This post aims to answer all your major questions as well as launch you into an optimized mental dimension. Also, I will bring before your vision some intricate truths.

Make sure you can come away with the following from this post.

Benefits of emotional intelligence to your profitability in business
Unique underrated features of every emotional person
How these ingredients can be better leveraged for your emotional intelligence

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Let’s get right into business.

Brief recollection of what emotions are

Emotions are different ways we express our feelings. We feature them when things are not really as they seem and when we are thrilled about something.

The different kinds of emotions include:

  1. Anger
  2. Fear
  3. Disgust
  4. Sadness
  5. Happiness
  6. Surprise
  7. Contempt

According to Robert Plutchik, the diagram below summarizes the overall emotions of any man or woman.

What does it really mean to be emotional?

“Emotional” is a word many people would rather not be referred to as, especially my male counterparts.

This is because, in their minds, it tallies with words like weakling, effusive, demonstrative, sentimental and even, unreasonable. It varies in meaning among different people and provoke responses ranging from snort to indifference, down to anger in a few cases.

Telling a man with abs that he is emotional, for example, will most likely earn you a tear on your lip. In the same vein, there can be different perspectives about emotions that are far away from general knowledge.

While you may think that someone with high emotional response is weak in every way, I beg to disagree. I like to see being emotional as having a heightened response to feelings and changes that are not parallel in everyone.

Having lived with someone emotional all my life (my mum), I have come to understand that truly, it is not a weakness. I’ve also discovered that highly emotional people tend to have deep perspectives about life.

There are specifically three powerful features in an emotional person I have realized firsthand.

1. They are exceptionally open-hearted

Often mistaken as one of their weaknesses, emotional people are exceptionally open to things. You can easily weave yourself into their hearts. Their innocence, which I have come to appreciate, is really ne of their strongest weapons.

2. They have a deep perspective about things they strongly believe in

Another exceptional attribute we tend to tag an emotional person with is how deeply they react to things they are convinced about. This makes it easy for them to exude emotions like tears and other forms of emotions in a more pronounced manner.

3. They will go the extra mile where necessary

This beautiful attribute is what I particularly love about them. Having an emotional person as a friend gives assurance that someone will always have your back in hard times.

If you ask me, I don’t really see any of these three attributes as weaknesses. However, dear pitcher, just like every good thing has it’s bad side, there are a few things that emotional people really need to imbibe. One of such is emotional intelligence.

What does it mean to be emotionally intelligent?

Everyone has the daily dealings with family, colleagues, neighbours, partners or even workers as a business owner. We also get to exude either of the emotions I mentioned earlier in different situations. Therefore, an important task is to make sure we can manage them well.

Also, these emotions can be targeted towards your own self. For an emotional person especially, it might look like a huge task to manage your emotions.

This is exactly where emotional intelligence comes in.

Emotional intelligence simply means the ability to effectively control your emotions in a way that you are better productive.

The major broad areas of emotional intelligence

  1. Knowing how your emotions feature (also known as self-awareness)
  2. Managing your own emotions (popularly referred to as self-management)
  3. Being able to relate with others effectively (also called people management or social skills)

There are few other areas people try to offer, but I feel they are all just repetitive and these three are the major pointers.

Being emotionally intelligent as an emotional business owner

It can look like a hard task to achieve emotional intelligence as a highly emotional business owner. However, like I mentioned earlier, emotional people can really have deep perspectives about life. You know you do.

Here are three ways you can be effective being emotionally intelligent as an emotional business owner (or just any emotional person)

1. Use your emotions

It looks quite clear when you look in from outside but when I say use your emotions, I mean just that.

But well, not exactly.

I mentioned earlier that emotional people have three huge features worth emulating and we’ll pick our reference from those points.

Being open hearted, an emotional person can easily study his emotions and sincerely point out areas to develop. It will be so easy for you to be true to yourself and know where best you can make changes.
Because you have a deep perspective about things as an emotional person, you’ll be able to target the core of the concept of E.Q. By doing this, when you can own the knowledge, it will come so easy for you to take the right steps.
Finally, once you discover that someone around you is happy about your behaviour towards them, it will propel you to go the extra mile for them.

You can therefore use your emotions to effectively develop your emotional intelligence.

2. Link the dots

Linking the dots involves tracing out easily discoverable triggers that you are most sensitive to. Because you can “use your emotions”, you’ll find ways to spread out your emotions effectively. Then with these understanding in hand, you can move your business forward.

3. Respect your “moments”

Your “moments” as an emotional business owner, prospective owner or neither are what I term as the core of your emotional response.

They are times you burst into tears or take appreciation to a whole new level (I know how it looks, trust me).

To respect these “moments”, I mean you’ll begin to get conscious about what your “moment” is saying. You will pay more attention to checking out for how to make sure these moments do good than harm to you.

Hence, you’ll be taking your first step in developing your emotional intelligence.

Emotional business owners can be emotionally intelligent by using their emotions. Find out more
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Summarily on how to be emotionally intelligent as an emotional business owner

As an emotional person, you are unique and important. You can start building up your emotional intelligence from now onwards. The three ways above can get you hstarted out. Just remember, you have it in you.

What do you think about this post? Please tell me in the comment box. Till our next post, remain attentive and creative.

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