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10 fun ways to identify subtle opportunities like an expert

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Dear pitcher, it’s easy to identify an opportunity when it looks apparent enough. However, it’s a different ball game entirely when you have to identify subtle opportunities.

The issue isn’t that there are no available opportunities. Look around you, people are inventing “jaw-dropping” things every day.

The hottest trend these days is Course Creation as education is in very high demand.

Almost everyday, small businesses are springing up. Additionally, people are launching products and more online businesses are arising.

Then, at the right time, if you haven’t launched yet, your own business will join the train.

I can boldly say that the ability to identify opportunities is a popular “challenge” among entrepreneur and business owners. In fact, it can be overwhelming sometimes.

An amazing skill that beats this challenge hands down is (and should be) your ability to identify subtle opportunities.

At the end of this blog letter, make sure you have realized the following;

The understanding of what a subtle opportunity is all about
How to utilize this understanding for a profitable business
The best approach to effectively navigate your results

Here is a table of contents to help you navigate. Click on each text to get to the one that interest you more.

Let’s find out how these subltle opportunities work.

What is a Subtle opportunity?

When King Gillette transformed discarded plastic products into a flourishing, stable company, he realized a subtle opporunity!

Basically, a subtle opportunity isn’t your everyday direct topic. It could mean different things to different types of people.

For one, it could mean an opportunity that’s not easily noticeable. Then to someone else, it could mean an opportunity that does not come at the spur of the moment.

In this post, we’ll deal with all your perceptions (or at least those that trigger enough sparks). However, what we won’t be dealing with is the negative aspect.

No, we won’t be spreading some deceptive or ingenuine approach to a subtle opportunity. It’s something you should never think about as we go on.

We will address these fun ways soon, but before then, let’s check out the reasons you should even give them a cursory gaze.

Benefits of mastering the ability to identify subtle opportunities

You’ll know how to effectively select what’s useful and what isn’t for your business.

Not every idea out there is right for your niche. You’re doing your business more harm than good if you don’t understand this.

When you can master how to “look behind the scene”, your profitability wouldn’t only grow, you’ll establish yourself as a stable autority as well.
Additionally, it will be super easy to balance your capacity for a more leveraged response in your business.

Balancing your capacity is a very crucial aspect for any business owner, but what does it even mean?

It’s the ability to respond to different aspects of your business with the same level of effectiveness (or with the most adequate effectiveness expected for each).

As an expert in identifying subtle opportunities, you’ll be able to realise when best to capture the right opportunity and bring in more profit.
Finally, you’ll know how to repeat your results over again

Nobody wants a result you cannot repeat. As an expert in identifying subtle opportunities, you’ll know the right repeat strategy.

Ways to identify subtle opportunities

Go for the unlikely

Sometimes, an opportunity isn’t standing on top of Ivory Tower with all the flashy colours you can think of. At that moment, you’re sure to find it in some restricted cave you’ve not been to in years.

When scouting for an opportunity, one fun way is to go for the unlikely. If you ever get stuck with finding how to go about things, it could mean you’re looking for the norms.

Some opportunities don’t show up in the likely places. They like to catch you by storm, so, go hit them before they hit you!

Separate the “terrifics” into subordinates to identify subtle opportunities

Ok that sounds weird (but fun!), don’t you think?

Every time (and it’s a fantastic trait), we always love to go for the big opportunities. I call them the “terrifics“!

You love to sound like, “I need a brilliant idea to take Bill Gates by storm. Idea, where you at? Come daze me!”

Ehm, sometimes, it doesn’t always work that way. You need to sometimes watch for the “subordinates” to invite the “terrifics”.

An examples of these “subordinates” could be an idea to start a blog that teaches people how to make new things from junks. Then the terrifics could be a company that sells products made from pieces of everything.

Do you see how important a subordinate can be? You should start checking out for them right away!

Tag the unnecessary

You might always expect to find nothing worthwhile from things tagged unnecessary. However, sometimes, you just have to look again.

One fun way to identify subtle opportunities is to give attention to those things you think are unnessary. Sometimes, they make a lot of sense if you only look again.

Don’t abandon the “lazy carts” ideas

If you’ve tried shopping in a grocery store before, you’ll already know what lazy carts are. If you have forgotten, they’re those baskets with wheels just lying dormant at a corner until you pick it up.

To abandon them will mean you’ll have to carry everything you buy by yourself. However, by employing their services, you save time and energy.

Sometimes, some ideas are not the main idea, they are not even the subordinate ideas.

They are the helping ideas, but they matter too. If you can idetify them, you’ll be one of the best subtle opportunity experts I know.

Always refer to the end matter

The end matter of things may look far fetched, but if you can start with them, you’ll save yourself a lot of stress.

Who wants to spend years trying to hit a goal only to finally realise they were targeting a lost course all along? I know I don’t.

As a subtle opportunity expert, you need to make sure your idea refers, always to the ideal end of your goal.

Pay attention to the ghost of things

The ghost of things are details about an opportunity you can refer to as shadows. They look like they don’t want to assume an identity but silently, they fight for space.

As an expert, you should know how to fish them out.

They lurk commonly where you think they don’t. Like our example of King Gillette from this post, they carry a lot of potentials for a profitable output.

Create a customer sense

A customer sense is one of the few crucial mentalities for your business to thrive.

Customers are one of the very important aspects of your business’ stability.

You need to go into their minds sometimes to identify a subtle idea.

However, don’t just stop at where other people stop.

Look out for those things they don’t know they need and try to create an idea from that. This way, you’ll know how best to bring out a solution from where things seem unlikely.

Situate your time accordingly to better identify subtle opportunities

According to Steve Jobs, time is the most important asset for any entrepreneur or business owner. What’s more, how to situate it accordingly is one of the superior questions any startup must ask.

You don’t want to make the mistake of giving the same amount of time to all kinds of opportunities. Some opportunities are not worth the time you give.

They may look huge, but when you think constructively on them, you’ll realize they’re not. Be sure to choose wisely and situate accordingly.

Let the shocks breathe sometimes

As you grow your business, many things will come as a shock to you. Seriously they will, even when you become the emotionally stable expert we aim for you to be.

One expert strategy is to make sure your shocks can breathe. In other words, you see the gain in ever pain.

At times, an opportunity is subtly lurking in the middle of a challenging situation. You need to know how to pay attention so you don’t miss out.

Finally, let royals take the day

I love the royal family for one reason; they always take the day!

But that’s not what I want to pitch in this subheading, unfortunately.

The royals in this context are the ideas that have been proved overtime to work.

For example, those ideas used many times in other top brands you’ve noticed around you.

These ideas are as ancient as the Royal family and you don’t want to relegate them to the background.

However, for a pro tip, instead of copying action for action, you should rather get creative and play around them.

That way, you stamp yourself as an authority among the pros.

Conclusively on expert ways to identify subtle opportunities

These ten fun ways may look, well simple, but they promise a lot of juicy rewards you don’t want to miss out from.

They are the same methods I use to identify different opportunities while growing my business and I feel excited to share them with you.

If you have any thoughts you want to share, feel free to drop them in the comment box below.

Until our next blog letter, remain attentive and creative.

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