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Your emotional intelligence and digital wellbeing: the perfect match

emotional intelligence and digital intelligence
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One brilliant feature I have in my phone is a cool app that helps me control my time on the apps I use. Therefore, this got me thinking. Can there be a big match between emotional intelligence and digital wellbeing?

The major brief on the crucial table these days is how much digital time is spent. In other words, how much time you spend on apps on your phone or social media.

As a business owner (or prospect) you want to be sure you know how best to leverage on your time effectively. Also, you want to make sure you’re doing things profitable to yourself and business within this time.

When Google introduced digital wellbeing, the aim was simple. They wanted to help users cut down on time spent on their phones, so they had time for other things. That single lifesaving deed has helped me get massive work done as a business owner.

I realised however that it can be a struggle to keep up especially if the timer catches you at a very engaging point. For example, if it pops in the middle of an intriguing video on YouTube, you’ll not think twice before extending the time.

This brings us to the question we started with. Can there be a match between your digital wellbeing and emotional intelligence?

They look far apart when you look at things from outside. However, when you come in close, you’ll see how similar they are.

How are emotional intelligence and digital wellbeing alike?

An important goal from emotional intelligence is to assume the ability to manage your emotions (in other words, self-management).

Similarly, the goal of digital wellbeing is to make sure you can manage your time. Then conclusively, you can manage yourself.

How will emotional intelligence help?

As an emotionally intelligent person, you are at an advantage in the concept of self-management. This is because, you can not only manage your emotions, you can take insightful decisions as well.

According to Google, “great technology should improve life and not distract from it”.

With apps like Digital detox, We flip, Post box, among others coming, the future of digital intelligence is set.

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As a helpmeet, emotional intelligence can help you get more profitable in the following ways.

1. You’ll know how to shut things down when the bell rings

It’s one thing to set a timer and it’s another thing to keep to it. Relatedly, one of the many benefits about emotional intelligence is getting your acts together despite distractions.

While emotional intelligence targets distraction at a broader perspective, it’s a fact that the little things do make the loudest noise when they compound. As a result, being emotionally intelligent plays a huge role in the little matters.

For example, you’ll know as an emotionally intelligent person that taking care to shut out the little distractions consequently helps to shut out the major ones.

2. You can plan your schedule productively with your closest pals in mind without worrying about hurting your own time

Another benefit of the digital wellbeing app is the ability to segregate your engagements.

By doing this, you won’t cram your schedule with unnecessary activities that don’t matter to you.

In planning your time online, there can be the struggle to keep up with pals because of busy schedule. However, emotional intelligence will help you better leverage your social skills.

This is because people management is one of the goals of developing your E.Q.

3. Lastly, you can focus on useful information

Another vital usefulness of these digital wellbeing apps is to help you focus on absorbing informations useful to you.

Also, instead of getting all the information at once, you can streamline both what comes in and when. This is a look-a-like filter system every emotionally intelligent person must have.

Additionally, it’s helpful for an emotional person who gets rather sensitive to unpalatable information.

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Summarily on the match between emotional intelligence and digital wellbeing

Emotional intelligence and your digital wellbeing are alike in many ways than you can imagine. Your digital wellbeing is very important so be sure to work wisely. Like google said, “Great technology is to improve life and not distract from it”.

What are your thought concerning this post? Are there other useful similarities you would like to add? Let me know in the comment section.

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