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7 weird-sounding (but proven) steps to start up your business on the right foot

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Dear pitcher, if you’ve spent enough time on this site, you’ll realise that one of our aims is to help you start up your business on the right foot. There can be a turn of events to things though. We sometimes don’t go the conventional way.

This is because the target is a little bit different from what you might have seen in many instances.

The target is you.

You want to be the one to get it right for your business to get it right. Dearest pitcher, you don’t want to expend a lot of energy building when the foundation was wrong from the start.

The greatest gift you want to give your business is a legacy or system that can last for a long time, just the way top brands like Microsoft and online bosses like Namecheap do it.

If you’re still thinking you can’t match them, you need to go through this page, but that can happen at a latter time. Now you can go with these 7 weird (but proven) ways to start your business on the right foot.

At the end of this blog letter, make sure you can come away with the following:

an understanding of these 7 weird (but proven!) ways
the desire to start activating it in your own business
an already drawn up strategy you want to start implementing to set things rolling right from the start

The table of content below will help you better navigate this blog letter. Click the arrow to check out the list.

Now, let’s jump right into unraveling these 7 questions, shall we?

Go with a “five days late” mentality as you try to startup your business on the right foot

I know, I’m back with my weird statements again. However, you know all you have to do is follow me carefully and it will become succinct in no time.

What in the wittiest Sharon is a five-days late mentality? Great question pitcher!

Heads up, this is top secret, but I trust you enough to know you won’t divulge to anyone, so here comes. (broad grin)

In the Launchers course for beginners, I introduced this concept and I’m going to get right into it soon.

First, let’s understand why this phrase popped.

One of the Launcher insider newsletters was five days late due to some internal issues. Therefore, I decided to get creative about it (as you already know I won’t let an opportunity to tame my disappointment pass me by).

Now to revealing this mentality.

The creative meaning I gave to this concept of five days late means, in simple terms, not starting when everyone else started out. In other words, someone else was five days earlier in the game than you were, metaphorically.

Perhaps somehow, you’ve had that project of yours looming in your mind and haven’t known what to do about it. Then suddenly, the desire to start up falls upon you like a great rush of inspiration all at once.

Just when you’re about starting up, you stop right on track because the thought that you perhaps are too old or too late in starting out hits you.

Here is a delivering start up mentality you can borrow from, every single time. It’s ok to be FIVE DAYS LATE!

It’s totally ok to be five days late. Especially when you want to launch a profitable business. Find out why

So you’ve owned that mentality and gone right ahead to starting out, now what? I did the homework for you. You’re welcome.

Learn to go all the way without having to go all the way as you try to start up your business on the right foot

Don’t snort, I promised weird, didn’t I?

What does it mean to go all the way without going all the way? Is that even possible? Don’t lose me, it will become all clear soon.

First, let us divide our weird sentence into chunks…

Chunk A: Learn to go all the way

This looks quite clear from every angle you look at it pitcher. It sensibly means that in your business, you must aim to go all the way for your customers, clients or followers to make their experience with you phenomenal. Simple and clear.

They should always come away with a statement that sound like, “you just blew my mind!”

Chunk B: …without having to go all the way as you try to start up your business on the right foot

Now here is the tough nut to crack. Without having to do what?!

It’s really quite simple actually.

If you’re expected to go all the way (chunk A) without having to go all the way (chunk B), it should mean going all the way (chunk A) comes easily to you in the first place.

The question you might want to ask might be, “how do I pull that off”? That gives me great honour to introduce you to the next (weird but proven) point.

Automate your values as you plan to start up your business on the right foot

Weird, remember?

One of the greatest life-saving tools I work with on my website is an email marketing software. My favourite preference will be revealed in one of the reviews on the Big brand series.

In the simplest term possible, Email Automation is a way of arranging your emails in an organised strategy so that the recipients get them when they should.

It’s like putting invoices or sales pitches on autopilot. The opportunities are endless.

Which brings us back to automating your values.

In plain words, it means distributing your values all around your business, it doesn’t go unnoticed even when you’re not around, or when you’re sleeping.

Here’s the alert about automating your values

The one thing you don’t want to do wrong is to start up your business and then down the road, someone is misplacing your business for something else.

We won’t misplace Coke for Pepsi for example, no matter how similar they look. They are both soft drinks, but for some reason, we somehow mastered each of the brands so well.

The discrepancies are varying; from taste to goals, and then customer relation to several other features. I bet they were able to successfully automate their values.

Now, while to automate your values could look so easy, there is the disadvantage of being misunderstood if it is not well pitched. This leads us to the next step.

Validate your preferences for a stable business future

While you want to put things on autopilot, let’s hiss down the fire a bit and check out this important step; validation.

To validate your preference, it means you accentuate in irreplaceable terms, your stand-point on every value you try to pitch as you start up your business.

If your business falls under the food industry for example, and one of your values is taste (as it should be), you want to make sure people know your stand point on quality. Make them understand over again, using different means possible, that you’ll rather not manufacture a product if it’s under-valued, no matter the temptation!

With time, your values become clear and it gets super easy to automate them without breaking a sweat.

Reconcile your persuasions

Have you had to spend hours trying to make a head strong dude see reasons before? Boy, would you have rather eaten grass, or what?

As relative as that thought pattern sounds, I’m shifting away from norms as usual. We are talking “weird”, after all.

Right now, we are directing the spotlight at you pitcher!

I bet you fought one of those wars within. Some wise folks call it the greatest war a man would ever fight.

To reconcile your persuasions (or inner conflict) is to bring them to good use as you try to start up your business.

One of the nuggets from a past post advices to reconcile your disappointment for a more profitable heist in your business.

To reconcile your persuasions, you can have an archive of “pushers” to look to when you are tempted to quit.

Further reading: 5 solid ways to leverage disappointment for a profitable business

Hunt down your mistakes

Have you observed a hunter (at least in the movies) in his quest before? He’s almost savage as he tries to track down that animal.

It’s OK to bring the same passion to your business when your target is mistakes.

Ways to hunt down your mistakes

Hunting down your mistakes has different dimensions to it.

For one, it could mean you learn from every one of them so much that they lose their footing and feel like they never existed.
Another dimension can mean you get thorough in making sure they don’t slip.

Whatever your technique preference, make sure you hunt them to the death – subtly or outright, whatever works best for you.

While you’re hunting however, be sure you’re careful so you don’t make yourself unattractive in the eyes of your customers and clients.

However, if that supposedly happens, you can always fall back to these tips to revalidate yourself before their eyes.

Finally, surrender to the irreplaceable force of life

And she’s back again!…

No don’t go out and scream, “OK forces, where you at? Come and get me!” You didn’t hear that from me pitcher.

Here is what I mean…

Sometimes, when you’ve put all these concepts in place, there is the irreplaceable place of nature, and things you don’t seem to see, which I call miracles.

The use of the word irreplaceable forces is simply metaphoric. I mean miracles and there are miracles because there is a God that makes them happen.

You want to make sure you yield. I’ll be a fool not to believe myself. All I happen upon today is thanks to my surrending to this ultimate force of life.

Summarily on steps to start up on the right foot

Sometimes, starting up on the right foot can look like a daunting process, but with these steps in place, you should be well on your way to getting it right from the start. I can only wish you God-speed as you go on this journey and the promise that I’ll be right here rooting for you.

What are your thoughts concerning this blog letter? Let me know in the comment section below.

Introducing the Big brand lesson series

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In each series, I pick a feature brand or company I totally admire (and know you will), then I draw up lessons from each of them that you can take along on your own journey.

Till our next blog letter. Remain creative and attentive.

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