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5 solid ways to leverage disappointment for a profitable business

s solid ways to leverage disappointment for a profitable bueiness
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I can totally relate as I had the same feeling one time, and it was not a pleasurable experience. There I was being so expectant and sleaves up to deliver, then I dropped my bill and the client just backed out last minute due to funds.

I felt slightly disappointed but then, the technique I’ve learnt gave me a route around it. If you were once in my shoes or are in that stinky mess right now, you’re in a great place and I’ll get around to a way out soon.

Before that, I would like to point out that right now, your business needs you more than ever before. In fact, at a time like this, the best approach isn’t to back off and take a back seat.

No matter how frustrated you might feel, the one thing you don’t want to do because you’re upset is to throw in the towel. You will not only be tossing away cheap points we discovered in this blog letter, you’ll also be missing out on some crucial points to help your brand.

This blog letter aims to help bring your mind towards these points and assist you on ways to effectively harness them to effectively move your business forward. Like in all our blog letters, the focus is you and how you can be more mentally, emotionally, and physically fit for your business.

However, don’t misunderstand, this letter is not to undermine your frustration at the moment. This post has a lot to offer to help keep you fit mentally during this crisis. The idea behind this blog letter is to take your gaze away for a span and show you a way forward despite the recent difficulty.

Make sure you’ve realised the following at the end of this blog letter:

What the crucial pointers are to help you better leverage disappointment in your start up business
How to identify themin your business (with examples like me as a case study)
What ststem to put in place so you’re not tossing bad energy
How to effectively utilize these pointers for a better business depite your disappointment

Let’s get you started. Here is a table of content to better assist you in navigating through this blog letter.

What exactly are these pointers?

I will go right ahead and take you out of confusion. They are basically lessons, but then, not just any kind of lesson. They are lessons from these setbacks your business will toss.

Like we addressed earlier, you probably just got hit with a situation like the example I mentioned above.

I was steaming and all excited about being at the brink of closing a deal. Then, just when I was getting cozy, I receive a blow. The situation went as bad as being asked to return money that didn’t enter into my account in the first place.

As if the fact that it was it was a frustrating, unparallelly angst-worthy situation, to mess up the whole puddle, I didn’t know how to feel.

It can be a rather odd feeling; not knowing how to feel. You are expected to be mad, but there is a war inside that fights it (especially if the last check-up call from your pastor was about that subject).

Is it right to be mad? Is the client at fault? Are you to blame? Or is the situation just unfavourable? Amid this confusion, another system I had learnt to master popped its head, and thankfully, I sat to listen.

What is this system and how will it help you leverage disappointment in your start up business?

Due to the crisis the world faces at present, many businesses are under attack. Small businesses are closing their doors and even companies who have been around for a while seem to be receiving the harsher hand of the times.

The question in the air is whether your business should continue. A personal brand expert I follow emphasises that you can still show up, despite everything, in her podcasts.

Instead of following in the unfortunate trend going on and giving up on your personal brand or business, you can get five times smarter.

The system I spoke of above are summarised in the following five mantras (or power points, if you will) which you can always trust to help your business, any day, any time!

Have the correct “what’s in this for me?” mindset

One pointer we aim to highlight in our blog letters is that, to be effective in your business or personal brand, there must be a system to leverage on the lessons setbacks around will subtly pop in. There is the temptation to get so caught up with the issue, you miss out on the vital things you can pick out.

The mindset that every problem can have a lesson or two in it is the correct “what’s in it for me” mindset. To better assist your brand right now, this mindset is super powerful!

Lessen the time you spend absorbing

Instead, you should reconcile.

In a real-life scenario, the number of thoughts that crosses your mind per day cannot be effectively annalysed, however, you can always control those that threaten to harm you.

To reconcile, I mean that you will compare situations. Rather than absorbing it all and thinking the “why’s” over in your head, reconcile it to a bigger situation.

Here is a way out

In my own example for instance, I decided neither the client nor I were at fault and reconciled my setback instead.

I compared it to a situation where I would be faced with a tougher challenge like having to lose a huger deal. How would I be able to go through it?

Next, I reasoned it wouldn’t be fair on my part if there is a Déjà vu sometime in the future and I’m still where life left me, psychologically.

This still sits perfectly with the first power point but then a question hangs in the air suddenly. How do you differentiate the lessons from the bad energy?

The next point answers that question.

Gauge your power to leverage disappointment in your start up business

One vital lesson you can come away with from a disappointment is the capacity at which you can deliver.

For that situation to pop, there could have been a lapse in what you know at the time. It could also have been because what you knew was not enough.

One way to gain from your disappointment is to effectively pinpoint the lessons flashing your power. This increases faith in your ability to do what you think you can in your business.

A lesson is not a great energy if the idea is to pull you down to your lowest level.

When next a difficulty comes (because dear pitcher, it will!), one lesson you should look out for is how much that setback gauges your power (or strength) at deliverability. That’s why this next mantra can take an epic seat.

A lesson is not a great energy if the idea is to pull you down to your lowest level.

Go for the horn of that disappointment

What is the horn of the disappointment? Great question! I will respond with a case scenario.

I had a discussion with a friend a while back and came away with some massive life lessons that I’ve come to utilize in my own business and emotional growth.

He lost his dad and because I could relate to his pain (as I also lost mine a little while before then), I felt dropping in a word or two would make a slight impact. Funny enough, he ended up turning the tables and enlightening me instead.

I’ll cut across the whole discussion and zap the lesson. This was the summary of what he said:

What we call negative or negativism, stems from what we normally do not like. If it was something we liked, it would be appealing. So why knock your head over it for no reason?

Don’t misunderstand (like I almost did), he loved his father and his intention was not to tone down that fact. He only picked out the horn of his pain (disappointment) in a way that works best for him.

What is the horn of your displeasure in that business hiccup? For me in my case study, it was the realisation that I needed to learn more and become the best in what I do.

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Finally, activate an ever-green repeat process to effectively leverage disappointment in your start up business

One of the fun things that draws me to the 1990 family movie, Home alone, is the number of times Kevin beat those thieves at their game. It would have been so boring if he stopped flooring them after only one attempt.

I believe that, apart from Kevin’s smart tactics, there is another captivating feature the film had to gather such massive interest till date. It was because there was this underlying repeat system that appeared fresh in every new stunt he pulled.

An ever-green repeat process is like a top-notch filter system. Of course, it has the common underlying condiments to it which we can never miss out on, but then, it always comes as a surprise to people every single time.

With the mantra’s above as a compass, you can plan out your own repeat process and get excited because no difficulty will be worth more than the obligatory concern to you ever again in your business.

The mindset that every problem can have a lesson or two in it is the correct “what’s in it for me” mindset.

Conclusively on ways to leverage disappointment in your start up business

Disappointing situations that you will definitely face in your start up business doesn’t have to ruin your business or you entirely. They shouldn’t even be a reason to give up to you. I believe the points above have provided some helipful insights in your ability to leverage disappointment.

What are your thought about this post? Are there some things you were able to pick from to help your business and response to disappointment? Tell me in the comment section below.

Also, I’ll like to hear from you so let’s connect on social media. Don’t forget to share this post so others can gain some tips to leverage on their own business.

If you’ve been disappointed about a deal not going through before or presently, then these 5 solid ways to leverage disappointment will help.

Introducing the eBook for this blog

Apart from your ability to leverage on your disappointment for a more profitable business like you have discovered in this blog letter, there is another profit from this treasure hunt. I call this treasure the uncommon attraction.  

Imagine a situation in which the way you manage difficulties from your business makes you so attractive. I believe you’ll want to know how to keep the points coming and I’ve done all the hard work for you.

For the free download for this blog letter, I have an eBook that can help you keep the points flowing while attracting attraction to yourself and what’s more, it’s free.

Till our next letter

Remain attentive and creative.

Sharon Adikpe signed
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