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10 Strategic personal brand lessons from 2020’s top brands

Strategic Personal brand
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According to Chris Tucker, your personal brand is what people say when you’re not in the room. As a start up, you need to get it right from the very start! That’s why I went around the web to root out strategic personal brand lessons from 10 top brands.

Nowadays, anything you can do differently can be your personal brand.

If you can shop differently, there you have it, your personal brand!

Or maybe, you can’t really teach language but you can teach people how to learn it smarter and faster, you’ve got yourself a personal brand honey!

In fact, the rave of the future is personal branding.

As a start-up business, you don’t want to make the mistake of just digging into your business and not putting a personal identity into consideration. After all, your identity is what speaks volume about your values. Furthermore, it is what will determine almost everything about your business from your Growth System down to your brand colour.

Why does a strategic personal brand matter? Great question. We’ll get right to it in a moment.

However, before then, I’ll like you to look out for the following from this blog post.
The definition of a strategic brand
Why a strategic brand matters in 2020
Strategic personal brand lessons you can “steal” from top brands in the industry

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Let’s get to business!

What is a Strategic Personal brand?

While Personal Branding is just surface level, a Personal Brand visits the core of you and gives us the true, definitve value of what you have to offer.

Your Personal Brand is more than you putting up a great website.

It’s obviously more than putting up great images of yourself on social media.

On the contrary, it goes deeper than that.

It puts you up front right before our eyes and we can relate at a really personal level to who you are, what you value and how differently you can help us.

A Strategic Personal Brand is even better.

It wins us over in bits and seems to unravel all the juicy interior when we thought we’ve had enough.

That’s the type of Personal brand you should aim for because that’s what works best.

Why does a Strategic Personal Brand matter in 2020?

Open your heart to this understanding.

Someone probably has done what you intend to do.

However, the beautiful twist around things is that you do it differently and with a fresh ambience. Wonderfully, that’s what endears you to us as a personal brand.

As a start-up, you are at an advantage.

You know why?

We haven’t witnessed your own “different” yet and that’s the more reason you have a great chance to WOW us!

Wrapping up a strategic personal brand and featuring it before our eyes is your smartest move ever.

Like I mentioned earlier, a Strategic personal brand takes care of all the bumps of, “oh, we saw that last month!” from customers.

You keep doing things differently every single time and no matter what angle we look at, we never can hold back a surprise.

In 2020, many businesses are springing up, even from the same industry as you. To stand out of the crowd, go with these strategic brand lessons from top brands.

Strategic personal brand lessons revealed

1. Let your brand resonate and honour your ideal audience

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple and top innovative leader falls on top of my list.

This choice is not just because of his strategic quote, (think different), but the way he strategically mapped out his ideal audience.

His quote below says it all…

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do

Steve Jobs

2. It’s Ok to surprise even yourself

Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon

Jeff Bezos is the founder of Amazon, the world largest online marketing hub.

He has an insightful mentality about innovation every start-up owner can “steal” from.

His quote below says it all.

3. Let your premium goal be to help others

Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

Bill Gates is known for his revolutionary works both as an entrepreneur and philanthropist.

His company, Microsoft is ranked 3rd to Apple in Forbes most powerful brands in 2020. He has a very unique perspective about leadership like many top brands today.

His quote below says it all.

4. When you value yourself first, you show others how to value you

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook is not only an ace leader.

He has successfully created a unique brand around himself that his fans can effectively resonate with.

His quote below strategically captures one of his life’s mantras which we can steal from as start-ups.

5. Don’t be afraid to look vulnerable

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey, known as the “Queen of all media” was at first skeptical about calling herself a brand.

However, when she started getting feedbacks from fans about how she impacts them, she changed her mind.

Her quote below says it all.

6. Never make the mistake of despising your foundation

Carl Benz, founder of Mercedes-Benz

Karl Benz is the founder of Mercedes-Benz.

One of his popular quotes below sounds funny when you look at it close up. However, when you let it gain more perspective, you’ll see a deeper meaning.

Personally, I gained “appreciation and drive” from it at first. It’s like he’s saying, “when I started out, my initial customers were not encouraging, but I went on.”

However, figuring it had to mean more, I went digging. Then, I found it to be subtly imbedded in one of the company’s main legacy.

“Elegance, Good Taste and Respect!”

We hear you loud and clear sir!

7. Push your way forward with whatever means possible

Phil Knight, Nike Founder

Phil Knight is the founder of Nike, one of the leading foot wear brands in the world.

Starting his business with only $50, he has created an empire worth $35Bn as at 2020.

The company almost folded up due to funds at a time, but he understood it only takes soldiers to cross borders (if you know what I mean).

8. Risk can be more than one of those strategic personal brand lessons

Jack Dorsey, Founder Twitter

In 2008, Facebook offered to purchase Twitter for $500 million. At the time, Twitter had some malfuntionary issues and the fixing stunts ahead didn’t look easy.

However, Jack declined Facebook’s offer and went ahead to take a risk. Today, Twitter is worth way over $3 Billion in revenue.

Pro lesson: Stick with your brand / business even when it looks unpromising. As long as you believe in what you can do, it will fly!

9. Find your story and run with it

Kevin Systrom, original founder of Instagram

Kevin Systrom was the initial owner of Instagram before he sold it to Facebook for $1B in April 9, 2012.

He had a story to share and he built an app that has become a world sensation today.

What’s your brand story?

10. Limit your limits

Amancio Ortega, founder ZARA

Founder of one of the best fashion brands in the world, Mr Amancio has a thought-provoking perspective.

In his quote below, he’s saying, limit your limits. Don’t sit with what you’ve opened up already. Find other paths to open up and keep moving those mountains!

Pro lesson: Limit what your limit is pitching!

We cannot limit ourselves to continuing in the path that we have already opened

Amancio Ortega
A Strategic personal brand is the “in thing” these days. Check out these 10 personal brand lessons from top brands in 2020

Two extra picks for you on strategic personal brand lessons

11. Say No, more

Goldie Cho

As an extra to our list of strategic personal brand lessons is a lesson from Goldie Cho.

She’s a active Linkedin influencer and works with personal brands to activate their voices.

She believes that while it’s OK to constantly get on the affirmative, it’s a breathe of fresh air to learn to say no, more often!

12. Finally on these strategic personal brand lessons, your mind is your most powerful gift to the world

This lesson is added from me as it’s one of my top 10 quotes as a personal brand.

In Launch it Stable, our aim is to make sure you can start up your business stable and you can join the army anytime.

The greatest gift you can give your business is a stable mind

adikpe Sharon

Summarily on Strategic Personal Brand Lessons

As a start up, your personal brand matters. While it can look like a huge task to “carve out” your business around your identity, it is finally worth the effort.

One day at a time, one step at a time and you’ll get things rolling!

How is it going to be?

Will you be the next sensational brand of our time? Let me know your thoughts in the comment box.

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